MiFi Rental

When you are travelling from point to point, you want to have the most up to date and ready access possible. However, finding the right package for your constant internet access can be quite difficult to find. We understand that most of our clients will require internet access with our iPad rentals or leasing, and provide a specific and professional MiFi Rental service to go alongside these iPads.

By implementing a 4G LTE internet access point for you at all times, you can stay connected when on the move or in transit. With unlimited bandwidth for our MiFi rental services, you can connect up to ten devices at any one time meaning that you only need one device for every ten iPads you rent!

However, if you are looking to take on a larger volume of iPad rentals, we have a great cost effective solution for that, too. We offer cradle router equivalents to provide online access to up to 64 devices at any time. This means that you can have your entire staff connected with fast and reliable internet at all times.

Having this constant access with an unlimited bandwidth means that your staff can have instant connectivity throughout the day, making efficiency and productivity higher than ever. iPad rentals offer a much more modern and versatile way of working, but it also has the capability to boost your staff’s efficiency.

Whether you need MiFi access for your iPads because of an upcoming event, or because you want everybody to have the most streamlined work environment possible, our internet rental service provides you with just that.

If you would be interested in taking out MiFi access with your iPad rentals or as a stand-alone rental, then please contact us for more information.